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Jean Stothert for OmahaTrusted Leadership for Omaha's Future

Thank you dear friends of Omaha!

It is an honor to serve as your mayor and to work with you in making our city the vibrant and close community we cherish.

I ask for your continued support as there is much more to do and so many initiatives that we’ve started that must be completed successfully.

How has Omaha grown and developed into one of the strongest cities in the country?

Omaha Together.  That’s how.

Every citizen of Omaha has contributed to the remarkable transformation of our city.

Omaha is widely recognized as a great place to live, work and raise a family.  Our reputation is clear as a city with quality growth, strong employment, safer streets, strong finances, and exciting development.

Most importantly, we’ve done this together.  No mayor or elected official can be successful on their own.  Our countless partners and stakeholders in all we do have made the difference, and together we will continue to make our city a place of great pride and enjoyment.

The past several months have been a challenge for many – no doubt about it.  The pandemic has challenged all of us in different and difficult ways, but the optimism and work ethic of Omaha are strong.

Our momentum is back, and our city will be better than ever. I’ll work hard for you to make sure it happens.

Your priorities are my priorities. That will never change.Where I stand on the issues

  • COVID Recovery
  • Public Safety
  • Better Roads
  • Economic Growth
  • Lower Taxes
  • A More Welcoming City
COVID Response and Recovery10-Point Pandemic Recovery Priorities

While our city weathered the 2020 pandemic better than most, we still have much work to do. My 10-Point Priorities for COVID Recovery provides a framework to get us there.
Public SafetySafer Neighborhoods and More Confidence in Public Safety

No issue is more important than the safety and security of everyone who calls Omaha home.  The majority of our city general fund budget is dedicated to public safety, namely the police and fire departments.
Better RoadsDoubling Road Repair Work for Safer Driving and a Better City

Omaha’s decades-long frustration with potholes and rough roads, especially each spring when the freeze/thaw cycle damages roads quickly, required a bold initiative and the leadership to get it enacted.
Economic GrowthJob Growth & Economic Development

While most of the economic news focuses on the many large and important development projects currently underway in our city, I am just as excited about the small businesses that are hiring, relocating, and growing right here in Omaha.
Lower TaxesTax Less and Manage the Money

My commitment to providing high quality city services to taxpayers – while keeping taxes as low as possible – is clear.
A More Welcoming CityThe Omaha Image

Over the last twenty years, Omaha has established a national reputation that should make us all proud.  I know I am!

The reputation we have all worked hard to earn was built on the rich history and tradition of the hardworking and dedicated people before us.  Over decades, these individuals and families laid the foundation for a great and growing city and they have earned our respect and thanks.


8am - 8pm
City of Omaha Primary Elections
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Thank you, Omaha -- for an amazing campaign. It's clear that we all love our city, and we accomplish so much more w…

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RT : Congratulations to Mayor Jean Stothert on her well-deserved reelection! We can't wait to see how much more you accomplish o…

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TODAY'S THE DAY! If you haven't voted yet, you have until 8:00 pm. Great day to vote for !

Would you like to become one of our donors?

Would you like to become one of our donors?
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